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I am passionate about creating beautiful, intentional work in collaboration with others. I want to empower individuals and organizations to realize their full potential!

I show you how to communicate & design

You prefer to do the work yourself or are on a tight budget. I bring you the high-level view of a communications director or creative director, delivering expert advice in a way that’s easy to understand and implement.

One-on-one consultation, training & advice: sliding scale of $75-$100/hour

Mini strategic planning package: $400, which includes client worksheet + two consulting sessions + followup report

I translate & communicate your vision

You need to express complex information, such as a new idea, technology or service. I bring your vision to life so your audience understands it and buys in.

Infographics and data visualizations, including charts and graphs, fact sheets, factoids
>> strategic priorities visualization starts at $800

Publications and presentations, including booklets, reports, plans, manuals

Review, analysis and transformation of an existing communications product, such as a website or newsletter

I bring all the pieces together

Your situation is complex. You’re not sure what you need, or maybe you need multiple deliverables. I connect the dots, creating a foundation that will set you up for ongoing success, both internally and externally.

Mini discovery package to figure out what you need: $400, which includes client worksheet + two consulting sessions + followup report

Strategies and plans, can include collateral development (such as print materials or web design) and project management

Systems and processes, can include digital and physical file management, training and development of manuals and how tos

*GST not included in listed prices


Don’t see a specific service listed here but think I might be the right fit for your project? I’d love to hear from you and figure out where I can help.