Storytelling & Explaining

I translate technical information and complex ideas into words, visuals and imagery your audience can understand and emotionally connect with.

Report / plan / strategy development package, including project management, research, structural editing, writing, copy editing, layout, design of charts and graphs, and production

Informational resources, such as booklets, fact sheets, manuals, plans

Transformation & modernization of existing communications materials to bring them into alignment with your identity and messaging

Communications & Brand

I work closely with you to clarify and define the purpose and intent of your brand and communication goals.

I integrate your brand across all your outputs, ensuring you are clearly and consistently represented so that your audience perceives you to be credible and reliable.

Brand strategy & communications planning, including development of key messages and detailed action plans to achieve business objectives

Website analysis, content strategies, UX & information architecture, including recommendations for simple changes and quick wins

One-on-one consultation & specialized advice, so you can apply communications and design principles to materials you create in-house

Business & Operations

I enable you to inspire your team/organization with a clear vision and direction while bringing ease and efficiency to day-to-day operations.

Strategic priority/goal setting & action planning, with infographics and timelines so everyone can understand the objectives

Corporate planning & reporting, including graphical identifiers to create clear linkages between activities, outcomes and goals

Operational systems, processes & training, including digital file management and documented standards that meet the needs of your team

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Photo by Helene Cyr