Strategic Plan — Climate Action

After a consultant created an initial draft of this climate action strategy, I was asked to turn the draft into a polished final product that aligned with the organization’s brand.

I worked closely with the project lead to revamp the draft into a document that flowed seamlessly from cover to cover, using case studies, infographics and charts to clearly link why the strategy had been developed to how the strategy would be implemented.


  • Provided strategic communications advice regarding presentation of information and how to meet audience needs
  • Restructured and edited the document to improve comprehension
  • Provided creative direction regarding the document’s look and feel and use of imagery to ensure alignment with the corporate brand
  • Fact-checked and proofread for consistency and accuracy in presentation of data and statistics
  • Created multiple graphical elements, including a two-page executive summary, multiple charts and infographics
  • Designed and laid out the document and handled all production

View the climate action strategy (PDF)