Report — Annual Reports

For the third consecutive year, I built this organization’s annual report to follow the same basic structure as the previous two annual reports but refreshed the design through new imagery, different base colours, a revised style for the double-page section dividers, and other small changes.

The annual report is used as a flagship publication to communicate the organization’s achievements, progress toward strategic priorities, financial highlights, and core services. It is used as both internally as a reference document and externally as a marketing tool.

The template, styling and document structure I developed is still in use by the organization.


  • designed and laid out the publication, maintaining a similar look and feel to past annual reports while ensuring it stood out as a new document – all while following corporate brand standards
  • researched data, synthesized it, and translated it into a one-page infographic within the document
  • provided creative direction for and coordinated photo shoots for new imagery
  • sourced additional imagery for section dividers to convey the emotional resonance of each section while accurately representing the diversity within the organization’s geographic boundaries
  • designed and created charts and tables to communicate financial data
  • copy edited all content and applied a consistent style throughout
  • produced a web-friendly version and worked with an external contractor to print a physical version

View the 2016 annual report (PDF)