Informational resource — Handbook

I was asked to design a 10-page document that would help local governments improve wildfire preparedness and response for the agriculture sector.

The project’s goals were to:

  • Build relationships between local governments and the agriculture sector
  • Give local governments and individual producers simple steps for improving wildfire outcomes

To meet these goals, I proposed another tactic.

The result was a 40-page handbook that highlights the challenges of both local governments and producers to help each group better understand the other.


  • Facilitated conversations to focus the document on objectives and key messages
  • Drafted a narrative structure to appeal to both rational and emotional arguments
  • Developed an infographic to provide a framework for actions that would make them easier to understand
  • Synthesized information from existing resources to write much of the document’s text
  • Collaborated with subject matter experts and interviewed individuals who shared lessons learned from wildfires
  • Designed the document based on elements of past resources to demonstrate credibility

View the handbook (PDF)