Design Refresh & Modernization

You can demonstrate relevancy and empathy for your audience by refreshing the look and feel of your communications materials to ensure clarity and readability.

Whether your communications are in-house or externally focused, bringing their design and content into alignment with your brand and your business objectives demonstrates credibility and professionalism.


  • while providing administrative support, I took it upon myself to apply the brand identity to in-house posters, while ensuring non-designers could easily update content within the poster template
  • modernized the look and feel of, and wrote all content for, an organization’s annual report to accurately reflect the human side of their work and tell an engaging story
  • redesigned materials for clarity and readability with more white space, a clear hierarchy of headings and fonts and the use of iconography and/or colour to show relationships and linkages

View the 2017 CRHC Annual Report (PDF)