Corporate Planning & Reporting

I was part of a small team that helped create this organization’s corporate planning system — including a corporate plan, progress reports, budget updates and annual reports — all developed to align the organization’s activities with the strategic priorities set by its board of directors.

The systems, publications and infographics I developed served as the foundation for the organization’s work over a four-year term and were referenced regularly by leadership and management.


  • Organized content around five themes, pulled from the organization’s mission statement, which set the stage for the next four years of reporting
  • Developed the structure and flow for multiple publications, including the corporate plan and annual reports, while sourcing, writing and copy editing content
  • Designed and laid out multiple documents, creating a congruous style across all of them with consistent use of colours and icons, ensuring they stood out as flagship documents within the brand
  • Developed multiple infographics, using visuals to explain complex relationships, timelines and concepts
  • Provided creative direction and oversight for original and sourced imagery
  • Worked with a team to communicate the plan to both internal and external audiences
  • Worked with an external contractor to print documents as needed

View the 2015-2018 CRD Corporate Plan (PDF)

View the Priorities Dashboard Progress Report No. 6 (PDF)

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