Content & Websites

This organization’s website was no longer meeting its needs. Content was developed without clear workflows or governance. The website tended to be used more as a filing system than as a source of information and resources for external audiences.

Working closely with the organization’s team members, I systematically moved through a series of activities designed to set the organization up for long-term success.

I documented clear workflows, roles and responsibilities. I crafted a strategy and core statement to guide content creation. I researched how external audiences consumed content and designed a content model that would allow them to easily access and understand information that had previously been locked away in large PDF files.

Users have found the new website to be well-organized and easy to access, while team members have had an easier time managing and publishing their many products.


  • Conducted an inventory and audit of both online and offline content
  • Wrote an analysis of research findings and recommendations for improving communication and reach to the intended audiences
  • Defined roles and workflows for developing, publishing and managing content
  • Developed a content strategy, website creative brief and content models
  • Designed a new website information architecture and worked closely with an external website designer/developer to create a new website
The website is no longer live, but get in touch if you'd like to see screenshots of its features and structure!