I worked with a freelance photographer to revamp and modernize promotional materials that outlined her wedding photography package options to potential clients.

The initial ask was for me to consolidate multiple versions of her existing quote package into one PDF document with clear language about pricing.

However, I discovered that potential clients almost entirely used online platforms to inquire about pricing. Additionally, the client had a strict budget, which would have greatly restricted my final design.

To address these two challenges, I advised the photographer to create a digital price guide within her existing website rather than develop more print-based materials.

Potential clients would receive a private hyperlink to a price guide where the content would be easy to read and understand within any online platform. The photographer would be able to quickly update pricing or other details to reflect any changes in her business.


  • Restructured and consolidated information about the photographer’s services, stripping away unnecessary content
  • Provided creative direction and strategic communications and UX oversight for the development of new online price guide, ensuring a clear call to action, brand consistency and readability
  • Clarified details about services and pricing, writing language to accurately reflect what each package included
  • Copy edited the new page for consistency in style and accuracy of language