Communications Planning

I was hired to develop a communications plan that would serve an organization for five years.

First, I wrote a communications strategy with goals and desired outcomes that would serve as a foundation for the five years, regardless of changes to trends, technology or programming.

Then I developed an annual implementation plan outlining detailed actions and timelines to provide a roadmap for achieving the strategy’s goals and objectives over the course of one year, while highlighting potential future actions for the next year’s implementation plan.


  • Conducted a situation analysis with all team members
  • Clarified the organization’s mission, vision and values
  • Defined key target audiences, both internal and external to the organization
  • Audited past communications activities and products
  • Developed five clear communications goals that would achieve the organization’s overarching objectives
  • Wrote a detailed action plan, including timelines, deliverables and persons responsible

Strategy and implementation plan not shown for privacy and confidentiality reasons.