I am a critical thinker, designer and communicator helping organizations reach the next level.

I combine skills in strategy, language and visuals with systems thinking and technical expertise to make sense of information and bring clarity to complexity.

I am passionate about making small changes that have a big impact on people’s day-to-day lives.

“exciting to work with, providing exactly the right combination of coaching, information and direction I had not experienced with other professionals”

Deborah Redfern, client


  • actively working in the fields of communications and design since 2004, in both public and private sector
  • specializing in strategic planning and advice, systems and standards development and structural editing
  • conscientious high achiever with a passion for excellency and getting stuff done
  • versed in a range of topics, everything from health and wellness to agriculture to sustainable building (I’m a Certified Sustainable Building Advisor)


  • professionalism: delivering responsive, respectful and reliable service and communication
  • excellency & accuracy: striving to do my best and deliver high-quality outputs with attention to detail
  • vibrancy & alignment: seeking beauty in life, living with passion, trusting my gut
  • big picture thinking & consciousness: being aware of everything around me and how it is all interconnected
  • expansion: challenging the status quo, being curious, always learning

For Fun

Outside of all things related to communication and design, my passion is dance. I take classes at Raino Dance, perform whenever the opportunity arises and volunteer with Dance Victoria. Being part of the dance community in Victoria is an ongoing source of delight, connection and creative inspiration.

Photo by Helene Cyr