I am a critical thinker, designer and communicator helping business owners and organizations reach the next level.

I combine skills in strategy, language and visuals with technical expertise to make sense of information.

This might mean developing a content strategy to improve your website’s UX or creating a graphic representation of your strategic priorities to help employees buy into your vision.

The clarity, alignment and integration I deliver will make your life and business operations easier, more inspired and ultimately better – however you define better.

My Qualifications


  • 14 years of industry experience working in-house, contract and freelance
  • specialties include systems and strategy, writing and editing, design, brand and sub-brands, and corporate and internal communications
  • industries include government, small business, sustainable building and non-profits


  • Bachelor of Arts in Professional Communication, with Distinction
  • Communication Arts (Print Journalism) Diploma, with Honours
  • Certified Sustainable Building Advisor


  • naturally organized
  • systems thinker
  • fast learner & technically savvy
  • conscientious with a passion for excellency

My Community

Outside of all things related to communications and design, my passion is dance. I came to dance at the age of 29, an enormous challenge for me after having grown up in a culture and community that frowned upon dance and all activities that developed the body versus the mind.

I take classes at Raino Dance, a studio designed for adults, and performed in a cross-disciplinary production titled Lustrare in February 2017. I also volunteer with Dance Victoria whenever I can. Being part of the dance community in Victoria is an ongoing source of delight, connection and creative inspiration.

I believe that dance and movement, as with other art forms, play a critical role in helping us become more in touch with our humanity and our internal experiences, which in turn increases our ability to empathize and identify with others.

On the professional side, I am involved with GDC Vancouver Island, working to grow a thriving and engaged network of people on Vancouver Island who share a passion for design and a desire to make a difference through this profession.


To learn more about how I got here, read my story.

Photo by Helene Cyr