Rachel Penner is a critical thinker, designer and communicator helping brands* that care about people and the planet amplify their resonance.

She combines skills in strategy, language and visuals with systems thinking and technical expertise to make sense of information and bring clarity to complexity.

The best part of what she does is sparking awareness and insight within the individuals she works with.

She is insatiably curious, constantly learning and applying new skills to her work. In her off-time, she likes to roam Stanley Park and nearby beaches, dance and snuggle with her cat.

*brand = any project, business, non-profit, government or group that has a purpose and an audience


  • Big picture thinking & consciousness: Being aware of how everything is interconnected
  • Professionalism: Delivering responsive, respectful and reliable service and communication
  • Expansion: Challenging the status quo, being curious, always learning
  • Vibrancy & alignment: Seeking beauty in life and living with passion
  • Excellency & accuracy: Striving to do our best and deliver high-quality outputs with attention to detail

“Rachel was exciting to work with, providing exactly the right combination of coaching, information and direction I had not experienced with other professionals.”

Deborah Redfern, client



  • Active in the communications industry since 2004, with a foundation in writing
  • Experienced working both in-house and as contract/freelance across Canada’s four western provinces
  • Well-versed in multiple sectors, including local (municipal) government, sustainable building, agriculture, small business and climate action


  • Bachelor of Arts in Professional Communication, with Distinction | Royal Roads University
  • Communication Arts (Print Journalism) Diploma, with Honours | Lethbridge College
  • Certified Sustainable Building Advisor | Sustainable Building Advisor Institute


Rachel Penner Consulting partners with other creatives and professionals when needed to complete a project. If you’re interested in collaborating, please reach out!

Photo by Sarah H Rankin